Advantages of Marble Wall Panels

It is natural to regard marble’s aesthetic appeal. The complex fabric decorations create the sense that the area is expensive and elegant. The major disadvantage, though, is the cost. Adding marble wall panels to your bathroom will be pricey, whether you tile the whole area or just a few accents. So, what follows after that is even better? Marble-look panels Even if it is less expensive, they cannot be compared to the real product in many ways. Continue reading to find out why:

High-Quality Boards

Marble wall panels are a great alternative to wood, stone, and other natural bathroom wall materials. Igloo Surfaces’ decorative wall panels are composed of high-performance materials that are not readily damaged or stained. You don’t have to be concerned since they come with a 10-year warranty. Bathroom wall panels that look like marble can make the area seem more luxurious without breaking the budget.

Marble Effects: Delicate or Strong

Traditional marble has lovely veins, but they are a natural feature of the stone and cannot be altered. The veins of marble wall panels, on the other hand, might be modest or prominent. As a result, you may customise the design and keep it that way.

Marble Wall Panels Are a Low-Cost Alternative

Marble is said to be magnificent. However, it is also quite expensive as a result of this. It is challenging to extract marble from the ground, and it produces a limited number of components that may be utilised. As a result, even the tiniest bathroom would be prohibitively expensive to decorate. Marble effect panels, on the other hand, are pretty inexpensive. This option is suitable for both large and small rooms, as well as a wide variety of budgets.

Simple to Install

We all like fast and simple instals, whether we do it ourselves or hire a professional, and marble effect panels are just that. Many panels feature a tongue-and-groove construction that makes assembly simple.


Marble wall panels are not only high-quality but also long-lasting. They survive for many years after they are installed, and most of them come with a warranty. Marble, on the other hand, is a softer stone than most other natural materials, making it absorbent. As a result, blemishes and stains are common, and keeping it clean may cost hundreds of dollars every year.

Elevates Irregular Walls

The walls in most bathrooms contain minor problems. This occurs more often in older houses than in modern ones. However, uneven walls may exist on any property. However, this may be concealed with marble-looking panels that make everything seem straight and level. If you’re experiencing problems with your bathroom walls, you should call a specialist. However, if there are just a few bumps, they are simple to repair, and your panels will seem like new again.

Simple To Clean And Maintain

The panels’ flat surface makes them simple to clean. All you need is a cloth, warm soapy water, and any stubborn stains. Because bathrooms and showers become wet, you should always use a squeegee after a bath or shower. Wipe off the panels to remove any excess water and allow them to dry. Wipe the panels with a microfiber cloth if you want them to gleam without streaks.



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