Best Aesthetic Appeal: Pods or Disposable Vapes?

It is no denying that aesthetic appeals count as a factor when choosing which mod to buy. This factor has been true even from the age of box mods’ popularity among vapers. Modern vaping mods, such as disposable vapes and pod systems, continue the tradition of having a good-looking mod for aesthetic demands. This article will tackle what makes a vape mod aesthetically appealing for vapers and unravel which modern vaping devices offer it best. Will it be the disposable vapes or the pod system? Stay tuned to know more.

The Aesthetic Meta of Today and Before

Before jumping straight into the showdown of disposable vape and pod systems in terms of aesthetic appeal, it is best to know first the vaping trends of before and compare them to the modern vaping devices of today. Back in the vaping era, where box mods are still popular, countless options and modifications are available for any vape mods. There are silicon case covers, customized decals, beauty rings, modded heatsinks, chrome plating, material oxidation, and more. Even 18650 batteries and other types have different kinds of aesthetic wraps available. Box mods are customizable from top to bottom and everything in between. But some independent vape mods makers offer “artisan box mods,” especially the full-mechanical mods with exquisite and intricate designs. Some mods are made of wood as the external body case with elegant and artistic wood carvings as a design that can be fully customized if made to order; There is also a box mod that resembles a magnum revolver with batteries acting like bullets in the rotating chamber; And also, box mods that use precious materials like gold, silver, and genuine diamonds. During this era, vapers tend to splurge any amount possible to make their vape mods as cool-looking and unique as possible. But in this era of endless customization and costly luxury vape devices, the trend will end because box mods evolve from time to time with better and more powerful mods newly available in the market. Making customizing each vape mod will be an impossible task. Also, due to the pandemic season and more vape laws, the box mods lost their popularity as vapers now find a more ergonomic and discreet device for their vaping needs. That is why now, vape pods and disposable vapes are far more prevalent and most vetted among vapers as the new face of vaping mods. These two vaping devices don’t have much after-market cosmetics, unlike the almost unlimited options for the box mods. But it doesn’t mean pods and disposable vapes now look ugly and typical. Fret not, as most vaping brands, if not all, still delivers aesthetically appealing pod systems and disposable vapes. Here are the aesthetic features available for both pod systems and disposable vapes.

Vape Pods: Small in size but Big in Design

First off, the vape pod kits. Since most pod systems made are refillable or only the e-liquid cartridge is the only disposable component, it is very logical for vape brands to put effort into the design. Some vape pods have amazing-looking textures on their body paint and texture. At the same time, some have gone overkill and produced futuristic-looking vape pods. Take, for example, the CALIBURN GK2(VISION). The pod system, at first glance, is just an ordinary-looking pod with a transparent body. But wait until it is turned on. When vaped, it emits LED lighting in different colors—entirely similar to an expensive gaming rig with an RGB setup. A typical-looking pod vape suddenly became a cyberpunk-style vaping device. An eye candy of a vape mod that will surely turn heads when vaped.

Disposable Vapes are Not So Disposable with Collectible Designs

Of course, disposable vapes won’t go down without a fight as they are also aesthetically looking despite being made for only a period of usage. The most common approach for disposable vapes to be aesthetically appealing is having cool-looking wraps with amazing graphic images that sometimes correlate with their flavor. But there are also disposable vapes that go beyond that by also adding LED lights for their disposable vapes. Mostly available on disposable vapes with rechargeable features, these devices can still be used elsewhere even with the wholly depleted e-liquid inside. The empty disposable vape can be used as a unique keychain or backpack zipper buddy adornment. Since it is rechargeable, the LED lights will go on and on while having a cool-looking accessory with LED lights. Not so disposable after all.

Final Thoughts

Although vape pods are the clear winner of this debate, disposable vapes still can be counted as a winner—in fact, all vaping devices are winners. Aesthetically pleasing or not, vape devices are an effective smoking cessation that saves millions of pairs of lungs and provides a better lifestyle than smoking. All vaping devices feature this benefit and are a sure winner no matter which angle to look at.



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