Things to Know Before Choosing LED Area and Site Lights, and Why Konlite?

LED area lights are the perfect solution if you want to create a sense of security and safety in a space. From post-mounted area lights to trunnion mounts and pole mounts, we have the area lighting alternatives you require. Area lights can be seen in parking lots, sidewalks, perimeters, and even homes.

Due to bad lighting, you’ll also see others below them who aren’t worriedly peering over their shoulders. As opposed to fluorescent lights, which tend to taper off as they get further away from the source, Konlite LED light collections of Revolve are bright, clear, and glare-free.

Since no space is left unlit as a result, area lights can provide a sense of security whenever they are present, whether it be on the street, in a parking lot, or inside your own home.

About Revolve

Revolve LED’s objective is to be a supplier of high-quality products at affordable rates and to deliver the greatest level of service and knowledge to our clients. Revolve LED is a leader in green lighting products and energy-saving solutions.

We think that by working to modify lighting, we can significantly advance the cause of a more sustainable future for our planet, which will protect the resources vital to the prosperity of coming generations.

Every item in our sizable collection abides by our three fundamental core ideals of Superior Quality, Superior Performance, and Superior Efficiency, from straightforward domestic LED retrofits to those used in more intricate commercial and industrial lighting design.

Area Lighting

Many of our area lights are offered with a variety of light distribution patterns, allowing you to alter the projected form of light to suit the requirements of your project. These types of adjustments make it possible to maintain beautiful lighting in all specified regions.

Additionally, it ensures that no unnecessary excess light is being used. Uncertain of the ideal fixtures for your application? Utilize our lighting design tool.

LED Area and Site Lights

For many outdoor lighting applications, LED Area / Site Lights that Rotate offer a combination of functionality, beauty, energy efficiency, and light control. To fulfill your needs for street, parking lot, and pole lighting, or outside security lights, pick from a wide assortment.

Replace HPS or Metal Halide lighting fittings, or a new building with minimal maintenance while consuming up to 70% less energy. Power output, beam distribution, controls, and lumen output are all available in a variety of sizes.

How should an outside area be lighted and who makes the cheapest area lights?

Outdoor lighting offers an electrifying opportunity to change the exterior of your home or 24-hour company. LED lamps may simultaneously give a sense of security and flair. Revolve LED provide a large selection of lighting alternatives that will enable your surroundings to shine through daylight, including strip lights, flood lights, and wall mounts.

One of the best methods to make your home safe is to have a well-lit area. Like LED lighting, affordable lighting design encourages energy efficiency. Despite being more expensive to buy initially than conventional incandescent lights, LEDs end up costing less in the long term due to their durability and low energy use.

How do you estimate the lighting needed for a Konlite?

After the sun sets, outdoor area lighting is great for illuminating the yard. No matter how much power is required, brightness is measured in lumens. Lumens must be calculated in order to select the optimum outdoor area lighting. It is best to stick to these lumen standards if you’re working on an area light project.

  • Lights with motion sensors: 300–700 lumens
  • 700–1300 lumens for floodlights
  • 50 to 185 lumens for wall-mounted hardscape lighting
  • 12-100 lumen step lights
  • 50–300 lumens for landscape lighting
  • 100–200 lumens for pathway lighting
  • Lights for the outdoors: 120 lumens
  • 120–180 lumens for lamp posts
  • 200-400 lumens for pond/pool lighting


Now you have a thorough understanding of how LED area and site lights operate, how Konlite is created, and which ones are the best on the market. For more updated details on lighting items, check back often.



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