How to Choose the Right Wig Color?

In the past, if anyone had to buy the wig then it is present in some basic colors but now we have unlimited options. You can find a variety of wigs in different textures, lengths, and colors. A lot of options also have made it difficult to find what suits you the best.

It is important to select the right wing color according to your appearance and skin tone so it will look perfect and amazing to your personality. Many wig colors like a ginger wig or the blonde wig are in trend but you have to look at whether they are for you or not. I have described all the related information below.

Selection of The Right Wig Color

Selecting the wig color is the most challenging task of the wig-buying process especially if you are investing in an expensive wig or hair bundle then you must be very conscious about the selection of the color.

Changing Hair Color a Little Bit

The best hair color change that you can adopt is to select a shade that is two shades lighter than your natural hair color or two shades darker than your natural hair colors. This selection is made by the people who do not want to take risks by selecting a very different new color as maybe the new color will not suit their personality.

It is also recommended for people who are buying the wig for the first time so just keep your wig color near to your natural hair color instead of causing a drastic change in color.

Wig Color According To Your Skin

Your skin tone is one of the most important parameters that should be considered while selecting a new color for your hair as a selection of the wrong color can negatively affect your appearance. To select the wig color according to your skin tone firstly you need to figure out which color family your skin tone belongs to, whether it is the warm tone or cool tone.

Wig Color for Warm Skin Tone People

If you are a warm skin tone person then you should select a cool tone color for your hair such as you can select cool browns, ashy blonde, or brassy red. If you are a pale warm tone person then a blonde or platinum hue colors look great on you. But if you are a medium to dark warm tone person then you should select a hair color that is three shades darker than your natural hair color or three shades lighter than your natural hair color.

Wig Color for Cool Skin Tone People

The same rule is applied to people with a cool skin tone. They have to select a warm and rich color for their hair like the ginger color wig. Pale cool tone skin looks good in orange red brown and golden blonde hairs but people with medium to dark cool tone skin should pick up a rich chocolate hue for their hair.

Wig Color Matching With Eyes

Just like skin tone color eye color can be used as a perfect matching criterion with hair color. People having warm eyes like yellow-green, green blue, and hazel should pick up a cooler tone wig while people who have cool eyes like brown, black-brown, gray-blue eyes, etc. should select wigs with warm tone colors.

Wig Color According To Age

When selecting the wig color, one should also consider the stage of life where they stand. It has been found that lighter color hairs look more flattering on people getting old.

Color Picking According To the Environment

The environment in which you survive has a great effect on your hair color. For instance, women who have to face sunlight a lot know that dyed hair and wigs fade away in the sun and the dark colors fade the fastest.

If you are living in a sunny area then you should choose a hair wig that can be re-dyed or can pick up a lighter shade that will not fade away quickly like a ginger color wig.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of things that you should consider while selecting the right wing hair color for you such as the stage of life at which you are, your skin tone, your natural hair color, and also your eye color. Other details are provided in the above article.



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